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Our Story

Thoughtfully hand crafted on Kaurna Country in South Australia by local artist Megan Brakenridge (me!), I combine simple shapes with earthy tones to create earthenware jewellery. I draw a lot of my inspiration from the Australian terrain, in particular the coast of South Australia.

Terra has adopted a slow and peaceful pace which I embrace by hand crafting each piece from start to finish myself.

I consciously consider all the resources I use to design and create my pieces, so that what I take from the earth can return to the earth. 

Our Values

Taking care of our environment is the upmost importance to me along with transparency about my business and my process.  I source my materials from:

Terracotta Clay:

The clay I use is manufactured in South Australia by a privately owned family company (5 generations and still going!) Bennetts Magill Pottery. They mine their clay from a quarry in Golden Grove, South Australia.  

Sterling Silver

I use only recycled sterling silver wire to sculpt each earring wire by hand. This is sourced from Palloys who not offer a 'buy back' program for sterling silver offcuts to recycle, but guarantee their metals are from ethical conflict free areas in Australia.

Liquid Quartz 

Made from Silicon Dioxide/Silica (one of the most abundant minerals found in the Earth’s crust!) Liquid Quartz has been applied to seal the unglazed components of your earrings. This acts as a thermal shock absorber, and makes each piece water and stain resistant while embracing the raw beauty of the clay. 

Energy Consumption

I use a very small kiln  to fire my earrings and will only fire when the kiln is full. I only fire the pieces once (rather than twice which is normal modern practice) to reduce energy use. I have the intention to one day have my kiln running on solar power.

About Meg

I am a self confessed crazy dog lady (I'll probably insist on showing you photos if we meet), beach lover, and friends will attest that olive and rust are the only colours you'll find in my wardrobe.


Growing up I was surrounded by a family of talented creatives and was always trying different things to sooth that artistic itch. 

I began my journey with ceramics in 2016 when I started taking classes at a community pottery club as a way to help ease symptoms of anxiety .

I soon fell in love with the process of hand building, and the level of focus it required melted my anxiety away.  

With the intention to only make for myself, I was drawn to terracotta for it's earthy yet vibrant tone and started to create earrings that had nature at the forefront of my design process.

After receiving compliments and positive feedback, I began making for friends and family, then decided to try my luck at my first market in 2019.  Since then, Terra Earthenware has grown slowly and organically and is now stocked in over 10 stores across the Fleurieu and Southern Adelaide. 

Since the birth of Terra Earthenware, my confidence has bloomed and gone are the days where my anxiety prevented me from going into shops and striking up conversations with people.


I'm excited to share up and coming ventures with you, subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date :) 

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